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As early as I began walking I remember collecting stones. I had a special place in my mother’s flower bed where I kept them all together in one place. I was much older before I ever thought of bringing them into the house, to me it was like bringing in a wild animal. When my family moved to a wonderful property with acres of Indiana forest land. I was distraught about the fact I would have to leave my collection of stones. My father pointed out that I could chose any tree – there were hundreds – and keep my stones there. We explored the property until I found my rock collection tree. It was an evergreen with long branches close to the ground that protected the stones through any weather. You could say that Wood Merkaba is inspired by the one tree that kept my stones safe, and my art alive until I came to the age to understand what I was meant to do all along. This experience alone has taught me that Earth has a way of knowing. Through understanding and healing ourselves, we can do the same for her.



2016 is the year of the Circle

Cycles, centripetal force, ripples in water. Water droplets, all coming together. Music ~ listen how it comes to you. This...

2016_what are you in to?

What are you into?

I’m a total new year’s resolution type person. Every year I review what I have done and where I want...

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Forgive The Unforgivable …. releasing during the new moon.

The energies of this week have been metamorphic. As we move into the new moon tomorrow, we are ask to...

An Interview with Taylor Hurt

An Interview with Taylor Hurt

I was interviewed last month by a student at Indiana University for The Bloomington Beat. Taylor reached out to me because...

karst healing circle

What are you trying to say ?

I get the most off the wall messages from Spirit sometimes. Like that one time Spirit told us to drink...


Healing the Sacral Chakra with your words

You carry a life force in your body called Qi. Some of this vital life force was given to you...

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