Wood Merkaba is a Holistic Design Studio.

Holistic Design takes into account not only aesthetics but sustainability and spirituality as well. The holistic design process goes beyond problem-solving incorporating all aspects of how the design will be used. We believe the same principles used in health and wellness can be applied to design to make it better. The human element is found in the now. With the advancements in technology, we are more connected than ever, but the human element is also in the sacred. Design can feel good all the way to the etheric level, elevating the mood, helping with focus, strengthening the human connection, and even bringing you closer to the Divine.

Jes continually uses art and science to gain a deeper understanding of the energies of nature. She believes that even the most complex concepts, can be broken down in unique ways to improve our quality of life.

Wood Merkaba’s line of jewelry is created by a process called electroforming. Electroforming is a type of modern alchemy where particles of copper form a coating through electrodeposition. Every piece of jewelry is unique and handmade. I find stones from all over the world. When possible I use stones that I have mined myself. I take special care that you are receiving a natural gem stone that is from a conflict-free mine.