How should I cleanse my crystal jewelry?

There are many ways to cleanse your crystals and help them release unwanted vibrations and surplus energy. You can place your crystal on an amethyst bed, quartz cluster or inside a geode to remove any surplus energy. Another method is to recharge your crystal in the moonlight, especially the light of a full or new moon. You can also clear your crystal of unwanted vibrations with sound. Use Tibetan bells (tingshaw), a tuning fork or place on a speaker while blaring Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’. 😉 Let your crystal bathe in the sun to help it release any energy build-up. (Unsafe for amethyst) My favorite method for crystal jewelry is to cleanse your crystal in salt water. Please note, salt water can damage soft or friable stones and can create a green patina on copper jewelry.

How To Cleanse Your Crystals With Salt Water:

Use 1/4 Teaspoon of himalayan or other natural salt per liter of distilled or natural source water. Find a bowl made of natural material such as glass, ceramic, stoneware, wood, etc. Avoid using plastic or metal. Pour water in the bowl and add a pinch of salt. Stir. Keep this bowl near your bed. You will see how important is to cleanse your crystal every day. Place crystal jewelry in the bowl before you go to bed and take out the crystal with which you sleep. Each morning remove your jewelry and put your night crystal back in the bowl. Use this method for every new stone or crystal you get and cleanse it for an entire week. Caution!: Stones that have a hardness level less than 7 may become damaged using this method. If you are unsure if it is safe to cleanse your crystal, use another method.

How Salt Water Cleansing Work?

This purification technique is an electrical phenomenon. The sea salt crystals which are dissolved are equally distributed amongst the water molecules and create an electric charge in the water molecules. This charge, being higher than the one in the crystal molecules, erases the memory of the crystal and removes the accumulated positive ions in it’s electromagnetic field. This ancient technique has been scientifically proven by OhShinnah FastWolf.