Interested in hosting a class?

A host can have classes at their home, in the maker-space at Gather Shoppe, or another venue of their choosing.

As a host, you will:

  • Pick the theme for your jewelry class party.
    • Common themes are Rings, Necklace, Wedding Colors, Team Building, Moon Magic
    • If you have something unique or specific in mind we can try to make it happen!
  • Create your piece of jewelry from an extra special collection of gemstones.
  • Get your class for FREE when 5 friends RSVP.
  • Serve your favorite beverages and refreshments.

Classes are $65+ a person. Send me an email at to save your date. After your date is confirmed, you can purchase tickets as a host or guest HERE.


Will we be melting metal?

This class incorporates a process called electroforming. You will create your jewelry piece with hammering ring wire stock, an epoxy clay, and conductive paint. Your design will then be taken back to my studio where I will electroform them in copper.

What will my jewelry look like before it is electroformed?

Here’s a photo! You will combine the stone you chose with copper metal using epoxy clay. The areas you paint the conductive paint (silver color in this photo) will become copper in your final piece.

What is Electroforming?

Electroforming is a type of modern alchemy where particles of copper form a coating through electrodeposition. Electroforming is in essence the same process as electroplating. Electroplating is the term used when using fine or more expensive metals to deposit a thin coat over a less expensive base metal. We use the term electroforming for the same process with a less expensive metal, like copper. In Electro-Forming a thick coat of metal to creates the form for your jewelry piece. 

There are two main components needed to electroform. The first is your electrolyte solution. When electroforming copper, we us a blue copper sulfate solution. The second component is the electric energy source. In this case we are using a rectifier so that we can control the voltage and amperage of the current.

Here’s a video of the electroformer in action!

How long does it take for me to receive my finished piece of jewelry?

The short answer: Your host will receive your pieces within 2 weeks.

The long answer: The conductive paint dries overnight. Your jewelry piece then electroforms in the copper sulfate solution for 24-72 hours. I will then do some light sanding and finishing work as well as add chains or other elements needed depending on the class theme.

How many students can take a class?

The minimum amount of students to hold a class is 4 (a Host + 3 guests). The maximum amount of students if hosting at Gather Shoppe is 8. If hosting in a larger venue, more students can be accommodated.

Can I make a piece in silver or gold metal?

Not yet, but it is in the works!

Can I make more than one piece in a class?

I have found that it is a bit stressful for students to make more than one piece in a class. Exceptions are sometimes made with appropriate planning.

Where did you learn this process?

I studied Industrial Design at Purdue University. The program focuses heavily on all sorts of manufacturing and craft methods. Using this training I was able to do the additional research necessary to put together a studio. If you are interested in learning how to electroform I can teach you!

Where do you get your stones?

My favorite way to get stones is by mining them myself. Of course, that’s not always possible. I do my best to ensure that my gemstones are ethically and sustainably sourced, free from synthetic dyes, or heat treated.

Can I make something with my own stone or object?

Yes! I love when students create a piece with a personal stone. However, some stones and materials are tricky to electroform and I prefer not to risk damage to it. If you have something in mind, let me know in advance in case additional preparation is needed.

Check out this ring a student made using a button that was from her grandmother’s collection.

Where can I see what other students have made?

There are a lot of great photos on my instagram and facebook pages. Here are the links:

I live far from Bloomington, can I still host a class?

Send me an email at and we will work it out!